Bedste Internationale Tegneserie: Richard McGuire "Here"

Bedste Internationale Tegneserie: Richard McGuire "Here"

Richard McGuire’s Here is an extraordinary artistic exploration of one space and many times.

In panes of Pompeian color McGuire draws the history of a living room through decades, centuries, even ages.

Different layers of time are superposed and laid bare like layers of tapestry, projected like colored slides, or showing like landscapes through windows. It’s an archeology of the past, a vision of the future, and sometimes even a kind of future archeology of the present.


“Life has a flair for rhyming events,” says one of the characters . So has Richard McGuire. The same gestures and poses repeated in different times are juxtaposed and depicted in different styles, turning the living room into an echo chamber. Sometimes a spoken sentence from one decade seems to answer a sentence from another.

Here is a deeply moving, highly philosophical, musically drawn and composed work, exploring time and space in a way that only the art of comics can achieve.